Building Community with the UR Chicago Alliance

05 February 2020

The UR Chicago Alliance is an organization that provides workforce development and assistance for underserved communities in Chicago. Focus has recently partnered with the organization, serving as a mentor and coach for individuals who are beginning careers in construction industry.

Focus works alongside labor companies to help facilitate the hiring of individuals with the goal of hiring them on to our own jobsite and provides necessary work gear for these individuals, including items like boots, gloves and overalls.

We’re so proud of one of our succesSFul placements via the UR Chicago Alliance, Wendell Pierce. Wendell was placed in early 2019 as a laborer on The Link project in Evanston and was paired with a veteran laborer to ensure that he could learn new skills and feel confident in his abilities. While Wendell has since passed, we were honored to work with him and he will be remembered as a reliable and beloved team member.

“Being able to positively impact Wendell’s life and help him learn and grow in a new industry was truly an honor,” said Focus CEO, Tim Anderson. “Our work with him was a shining example of the positive impact that this type of partnership can have on the community. We will continue to honor Wendell through this important work.”

Lavelle Ivy, a new UR Chicago Alliance placement, recently joined the team at the Logan Apartments project. There, he works alongside an experienced laborer and is learning new skills every day.

We look forward to continuing our work with the UR Chicago Alliance. To learn more about their work, check out their website.

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