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Impact Lives

Environments that are welcoming and comfortable ignite the human spirit. Creating spaces that inspire a sense of harmony and well-being is our passion and responsibility. Our expertise converges at the intersection of the tangible and intangible aspects of development and construction.


Enhance Communities

Understanding how people will engage with our work when we’re done is where we start. Buildings exist in environments that touch people daily. At the intersection of individual and shared space is Focus' commitment to positively shape experience and encourage community.

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Build Value

Focus’ commitment to success lies at the intersection of quality design and sound economics. We respect the accountability stakeholders have to solid investment returns while preserving a shared vision. Creativity and compelling ideas surface as our collaborative team balances important financial and design priorities.

Control the Risk of Innovation

Stakeholders must be confident that the intersection of innovation and risk management has been intelligently vetted. As new technologies augment the industry, managing this juncture has become critical. Focus’ unique collaborative of interconnected disciplines provides the multiple perspectives required to make smart decisions.

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Take a sneak peak at the future Link Evanston

15 January 2019 | The Link apartments in Evanston immediately connect to some of the best amenities in Downtown Evanston. The Link is designed for living, working and r...
The Link Evanston Building Dusk Rendering

Property Development Budget Best Practices

31 December 2018 | Property development is an exciting and booming industry. In the right economy, properties are developed and planned daily. But in order to be success...
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Venture Capital's Role in Real Estate Development

24 December 2018 | The construction industry is traditionally known as one of the slowest to adapt to the technological revolution - but not anymore. Venture capitalists...
Architect Architecture Black And White

Focus Feature: Kelmscott Park Condominiums

17 December 2018 | With the inspiration of rich tradition and amazing nature, which are typical for Lake Forest, this new luxurious community, from Focus, is sprouting o...
Kelmscott Park condo dining area rendering

Green Building Tech: Trends to Watch in 2019

10 December 2018 | Green building is on the rise worldwide. This trend started out slow, but according to the current state of things, it appears that more and more corp...
Architectural Architecture Blue Sky

A Developers & Contractors Guide to Solving Construction Disputes

03 December 2018 | Construction disputes can eat up much of your valuable time. As a developer or contractor delays can easily push the project beyond the deadline. Unfo...
Architecture Building Construction

How Hybrid Building Technologies Can Save Your Firm Time & Money

29 November 2018 | As a commercial real estate firm, you need to be adaptable to the times. And right now, that means utilizing hybrid building technologies in your proj...
Hybrid Building 1118

Focus Feature: Enhancing Community One Development at a Time

28 November 2018 | At Focus we understand the importance of community. Understanding how people will engage with our work when we’re done is where we start.
The Atworth at Mellody Farm courtyard

The Benefits of Using Innovative Methodologies in Construction

16 November 2018 | The construction industry never stops evolving. New technologies are implemented daily. From hybrid building technologies to 3D printing in the constr...
Innovative Construction 1218

The Link Evanston Construction Progress Update, November 2018

15 November 2018 | The Focus construction team continues to make progress as construction continues at the Link Evanston. Teams have secured the structure of floors 1 -3...
Link Construction Update 1118
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