The power of Focus’ construction philosophy, Sightlines™, is found at the intersection of foresight and experience. By anticipating the impact construction has on competing priorities, and maintaining open lines of communication, the company skillfully transforms a vision into a tangible entity while adhering to budget and schedules, and mitigating owner risk. Owning the unforeseen is Focus’ mindset and the way we create a great experience from preconstruction through closeout and beyond.


As owner advocates, construction becomes involved at the earliest possible stages of a project to deliver value engineering that ensures constructability from the onset. Using and innovative approach to construction systems, the best direction is developed.

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Delivering on desired expectations is paramount. Knowledge allows us to own the unforeseen, addressing potential situations before they become issues. Focus field leadership and project managers understand how buildings wear over extended periods of time. As owners consider building equity, they rely on our ability to adjust construction methods to diminish the effects of age and settlement. Schedules and budget are meticulously maintained and support pre-leasing activities, marketing and sales and leasing efforts.

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Maximum success cannot be achieved until the final two percent of the project is addressed. With an open-door policy, Focus’ solution mindset quickly minimizes impact on property operations.

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Steeped in architectural design and engineering, Focus project managers and field leadership are uniquely able to deliver the best outcomes by considering multiple perspectives.


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