Celebrating Our Colleagues

23 January 2020

We are very proud of the work that we do every day to enhance our community and impact people’s lives in a positive way. We know that this work wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and commitment of those who put the work in day in and day out.

The value that we bring to the table is a representation of the value that our colleagues bring to their jobs everyday. We are thrilled to recognize members of our team who have reached milestone anniversaries:

Barb Werglarz, Accountant: 20-year anniversary

Eric Guajardo, Superintendent I: 5-year anniversary

Courtney Brower, Senior Development Manager: 5-year anniversary

Leah Brand, Project Coordinator: 5-year anniversary

“The work we provide to our clients isn’t possible without the talent from our team,” said Tim Anderson. “I’m happy to be celebrating these team members who share my passion and dedication to making a lasting and positive impact on Chicago and it's neighboring suburbs.”

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