Electric Vehicle Facility Northbrook Construction Update

14 December 2023

The progress on the new electric vehicle sales, service and distribution facility in Northbrook, Illinois has been swift.

Since construction began this September, teams are setting the stage to top off the structure next week. They've covered a lot of ground including site grading and demolition, crane and building pad stone, aggregate piers to establish structural footings, foundations and finally precast concrete structure installation.

As shown in this video, precast concrete structures are built by combining sections of the building, roof and more which are prefabricated off site. Because the concrete structure has been fabricated offsite, construction time is substantially reduced, there is no need to wait as concrete cures and sets instead teams can erect the entire structure in a matter of weeks. In this video, precast panels are set using a crane to lift and hold the massive pieces in place while teams weld them together. Wall panels are moved off the delivery truck using two sets of lines so teams to both lift the pieces vertically and also rotate them horizontally. This way, teams can place the panels exactly where they need to be. The crane is used to set wall panels, columns, beams and the double tess which serve as the roof structure.

Once the structure is completed, teams will start to focus on the details. They will begin working on the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing inside and outside of the building. They will begin installing the final roof materials and the exterior masonry which will make up of the buildings facade.

Focus is both the developer and general contractor on this custom built, 10,000 SF facility for Tesla.

Construction on the Electric Vehicle Facility Northbrook project is going fast, check back here for future updates, or to discuss a project of your own, reach out today.

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