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15 November 2022

Mentoring Others Rewards Everyone (MORE) is the philosophy of Focus' mentorship program.

At it's core, the MORE mentorship program aims to help team members get more out of their careers by learning from each other. Focus CEO, Tim Anderson and Project Manager, Bhavin Pardiwala, sat down to discuss how the program effected their careers and the benefits of mentorship overall.

The MORE program is just one example of the company culture at Focus. By improving the experience of employees, Focus teams prioritize honest conversations. Because of our integrated model Focus is home to employees who play very different roles in the real estate industry and the MORE program aims to make use of that wealth of knowledge by giving employees the opportunity to learn from one another. The teams and culture at Focus have resulted in a rich mentor environment, providing opportunities for continued education in the same office. Previous partnerships included construction staff and business developers, human resource managers and CPAs. The results of these mentor relationships garner a more well-rounded CRE professional benefiting the individual as well as the organization.

If you are interested in learning more about Focus' approach to mentorship or have interest in a career at Focus, please reach out today.

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