How Hybrid Building Technologies Can Save Your Firm Time & Money

29 November 2018

As a commercial real estate firm, you need to be adaptable to the times. And right now, that means utilizing hybrid building technologies in your projects. Hybrid building technologies are one of the best ways to save your firm time and money

Hybrid building technologies utilize multiple resources to enhance the sustainability of your project while also saving you time and money. These technologies are the ultimate way to increase the efficiency of your next project.

Here is exactly how hybrid building technologies can save your firm time and money:

What are Hybrid Building Technologies?

Before we dive into the main points, we need to define exactly what hybrid building technologies are.

Modern construction has helped one material become the go-to for most buildings - concrete. Concrete can be wasteful, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive. Hybrid building technologies utilize multiple building materials instead of focusing solely on one, helping to shield you from cost changes to one material or another. Hybrid buildings are traditionally a combination of three commonly used building materials:

  • Precast concrete
  • Structural steel
  • Cast-in-place concrete

Hybrid building technologies balance each of these materials to create a less-wasteful and sustainable building solution. These technologies are often used on buildings of about 7-12 stories. At Focus, we utilize hybrid building technologies at any opportunity we have because we recognize the sound economics of this practice.

Saving Time & Money with Hybrid Building Technologies

Hybrid building technologies are the perfect solution to saving time and money in the midst of a construction project and here’s exactly how:

Pre-Fabricated Solutions

One great advantage of hybrid building technology is the opportunity to use pre-fabricated solutions. Often times, construction firms choose to use pre-fabricated concrete panels that are composed off-site. This can save your firm invaluable time.

Time will not be wasted waiting for concrete to settle or dry and materials can be created offsite during times of the year when you typically aren’t able to build onsite. This will decrease downtime and costs immensely. Combining precast concrete solutions along with other hybrid technologies can increase the sustainability of your construction process immensely.

Reduce Waste

Hybrid building technologies are the perfect solution for reducing waste. Standard concrete can be extremely wasteful. Combining multiple building technologies creates the perfect formula for success. Each part of the building is designed to maximize the efficiency and performance of the construction process. Waste will be significantly reduced which makes way for significant financial savings.

Weight Savings

Concrete is a heavy material. If you choose to build a building solely out of concrete, you’ll be creating a massive structure. By utilizing hybrid building technologies, you can create immense opportunities for weight savings.

By mixing building materials instead of solely building with concrete, you’ll reduce the need for excessive concrete. You’ll also reduce the need for extensive foundation. You’ll save priceless time and significant funds by cutting down your foundation needs.

Focus utilizes hybrid building technologies when possible for all our clients. It’s the absolute best way to save money, decrease downtime, and create a sustainable building.

For more information on how Focus implements hybrid building technologies in our projects, reach out to us today!

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