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10 March 2020

The LEAN process is something that’s been getting a lot of attention at Focus over the last several months. LEAN is a method for creating a more effective and succesSFul business by essentially taking out the practices and processes that don’t work. It focuses on improving products and services and creating efficiencies that provide long-term value. For a company in the CRE industry, this kind of reflection and change is critical to ensure that we always hold ourselves to the highest standard.

So what is LEAN?

And, how does LEAN get put into action? We’re working closely with consulting firm Leap Technologies on implementing Rapid Action -- a system that helps us to analyze our internal business processes with specific improvement goals in mind set forth by our leadership team. These goals, which should be accomplished in 60 days or less, can include streamlining the way we set up utilities onsite, developing processes for effective project kickoffs and more – all which are meant to drive speed and thoroughness through structure and process.

So how has it been implemented?

We’re already working hard to put LEAN into action. Rapid Action teams are being put together based on each individual’s experience with the specific issues that are being tackled head on. In fact, we’ve already created a Rapid Action team to address our Smart Start kickoff process – their job is to take a closer look at ways to improve our internal kickoff process to make it easily adaptable and more relevant. The team is planning to present its new and improved process for project kickoffs at the end of this month with the goal of implementing it on our next big project.

Our hope is to introduce several more Rapid Action teams to help us continue to solve problems quickly and become more agile in our decision making. We look forward to seeing how LEAN will help us be more succesSFul in 2020 and beyond. Stay tuned for more updates!

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