Project Update: 7-Eleven at 811 Emerson

05 November 2019

811 Emerson is the most recent completed retail project completed by the Focus interiors team in Evanston, Illinois. This space is located near downtown Evanston, in the first floor of a 9-story mixed-use apartment building, also constructed and developed by Focus - The Link Evanston. With significant ground-floor retail space, The Link Evanston is the home to a new 7-Eleven.

Here we’ll give you an overview of the interiors project for 7-Eleven:

Broke Ground April 2018

The client on this project is the well-known convenience store giant, 7-Eleven. The interiors contractor completing the project is Focus. The project began construction after the groundbreaking ceremony in April 2018 and the architecture is headed by architect Warren Johnson.

The newly renovated 7-Eleven will occupy the retail space on the ground-floor of the recently completed Link Evanston. The Link Evanston is a 9-story 280,000 GSF mixed-use building offering 242 new apartments to the Evanston area. The 7-Eleven will be housed in the retail space on the ground-floor of this development.

Project Details

The new 7-Eleven will be situated in the 3,500 SF of dedicated ground-floor retail space. 7-Eleven leased retail space in the building that occupied the property before it was demolished, and the Link Evanston took its place. The client renewed that commitment with the new development when the construction team broke ground. 7-Eleven has recently moved into their new space following the completion of the building.

The new 7-Eleven was built out by Focus and incorporates new finishes such as:

  • Porcelain tile flooring
  • Suspended ceiling with LED lighting
  • And more

As the developer and general contractor for the Link Evanston, the Focus interiors team was able to gain access to the site significantly earlier than a conventional third-party interior contractor. This is one benefit of the integrated delivery model utilized by Focus. This has created a more streamlined interior build-out operation that most projects.

7-Eleven benefitted from a direct line of communication with the base building contractor as well as the staff at Focus, creating an all-around better client experience.

Current Status & Completion Projection

7-Eleven recently completed construction and the client is in the process of moving into the space. Soon, this newly upgraded 7-Eleven will be operational for the people of the Link Evanston and the surrounding neighborhoods of Evanston.

Focus is a leading mixed-use developer in Chicago. By utilizing our efficient integrated delivery model, we have delivered clients like 7-Eleven a direct line of communication throughout all phases of the construction process.

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