Safe and Sound Week

19 June 2017

(June 19, 2017) Chicago, IL – June 12th through the 18th marked the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) annual Safe and Sound Week, a time dedicated to refocusing on effective safety and health programs. Specifically, management, leadership and worker participation in safe and sound workplace practices while taking the time to identify and fix existing workplace hazards.

Safety is always top off mind here at Focus and last week was no different. In our weekly safety meetings, our superintendents focused on the warning signs for heat stroke and shared some of OSHA’s resources on how to correctly prevent, identify and address heat stroke onsite. Focus utilizes this type of training on all its sites and the majority of the project leadership team has been OSHA certified to ensure that safety best practices are at the heart of each project. The utilization of safety programs like these is central to industry efforts to protect its members and ensure prevention of as many injuries onsite as possible.

This year, Focus also took its Safety Month efforts outside of the office and off the constructionsite, to educate some of the community’s future contractors, architects, and engineers on the importance of safety in the workplace. Seen below, Focus CEO, Tim Anderson talks to a class of preschoolers about the vital role that safety gear and careful consideration play on all constructionsites and how the Focus team members focus on safety every day.

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