The Benefits of an Integrated Delivery Model for your Development

09 November 2018

The construction industry is constantly faced with endless roadblocks. Whether it’s miscommunication or a pending approval, it seems like making significant progress is sometimes impossible.

Although, there is a solution to this mayhem…

An integrated model.

An integrated delivery model is simply housing all your development and design aspects in-house. This way your designers are in constant communication with your project leads and construction team. It’s continuous collaboration.

With an integrated delivery model, development projects can increase in efficiency tenfold. Focus exists at the intersection of development and construction and have been operating with an integrated model since our inception. The alignment of interests, the enhanced communication, and the ease of collaboration are just a few of the benefits that come with an integrated model.

Here are the benefits that an integrated delivery model can have for your development project:

Save Money, Decrease Downtime, & Increase Efficiency

An integrated model can have endless benefits to your development project, but the most common are saving money, an increase in efficiency, and a decrease in downtime. With an integrated model, every essential piece of your development process is within your reach. This will save you loads of time. You won’t be waiting on your GC to get you a price on that new design feature, and there won’t be downtime as you wait for engineering feedback on that new facade idea. And time is money so by partnering with a firm using an integrated model, you can save money.

The ability to communicate clearly happens instantly because every insight and approval you need is within your office space or a quick phone call away. In the long-run, all of this will increase the efficiency of your project.

Alignment of Interests

With an integrated delivery model, everyone works for the same company. Traditionally, you contract with a GC or other various consultants, all working on the same project. In this situation, there’s a lot of opportunity for competition of interests from one partner to the next. Whether they're trying to increase profits or decrease schedule, these competing interests can easily be avoided with an integrated model where everyone is on the same team.

The elimination of competing interests creates a new level of clarity and trust between project stakeholders. With the designers and builders on the same team, both are working toward the same goal; delivery of the highest value, under budget and on time.

Clearer Communication & Continuous Collaboration

One of the priceless benefits of an integrated delivery model is clearer communication. If you’re all working out of the same office, it’s easier to have communication between departments. development managers can easily communicate with onsite project leads or walk down the hall to discuss with the construction manager.

An integrated delivery model is also great for continuous collaboration. With all your essential personnel under the same roof, it’s easy to collaborate daily and push a project along seamlessly and effortlessly. Continuous collaboration is a great way to avoid miscommunications and hiccups that are often seen in opposing models.

Focus’ Integrated Model

Focus is one of the pioneers of the integrated delivery model in the Chicagoland area. We saw the benefits of the integrated model from a very early age. Since our inception in 1993 our integrated model for delivery has enables us to deliver the highest quality projects to our stakeholders and partners.

The Focus integrated approach incorporates design, construction, marketing and much more. This approach gives us the unique capability to provide our clients with a full financial picture of future development opportunities. Our clients know their financial road-map from day one.

This integrated delivery model is one reason Focus has grown into the company it is today. If you’re in need of any real estate development services or are just looking for more information on our innovation integrated delivery model, reach out to us today!

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