Top Apps for General Contractors

16 October 2018

Due to the constant tides of technological development, industries are ever changing and it’s no different for general contractors. Savvy general contractors need to keep up with trends because modern technology can help business run more efficiently and enable them to achieve better results. The management of documents such as blueprints, forms, and invoices is crucial but can be significantly easier and more efficient with assistance from modern apps and technology.

It’s a pain to manage, tranSFer and store stacks of paper – with the support of new technologies all these documents and information can be available at your fingertips. No matter what kind of construction business you are running, the following technologies can help you improve business efficiency.


Th mobile app offered by PlanGrid through their larger software service is great for all types of A/E/C operators like architects and contractors. It syncs the design and construction teams ensuring that all contributors are always operating on the most current set of plans. It allows users to share, revise and collaborate directly within a set of digital blueprints.

Within the collaborative plans provided by PlanGrid, contractors, engineers, managers, and architects, can communicate issues and share other vital information in real time. With features like live punch list tracking, version control, sheet compare and hyperlinking, teams can instantly collaborate, review changes and stay on top of action items, saving valuable time and resources.

Contractors Apps

Contractors Apps is an Australian company that has created a full mobile suite which includes several apps which help general contractors quickly address problems onsite. One of the best apps in this suite is Tradies, which allows you, among other things, to record and maintain a diary of the site, create and manage orders, document meetings, and access sub-contractor agreements.

Though the price tag is slightly higher, Contractor Apps comes with so many tools that it will suit the needs of general contractors worldwide, no matter what kind of contracting work you might be doing.


This bid management and estimating app allows contracting companies to make estimates instantly while on the site, without requiring any cellular data. It also allows users to create custom bid forms which you can preview, send through email, or print.

For most contractors, one of the most important things in winning new business, is the ability create and deliver accurate estimates as quickly as possible, as this can make the difference between getting a new job and falling short. JobFLEX can also help you manage job accounting after you’ve won the business. Utilizing their easy to use invoicing features, there will be fewer late nights in the office getting caught up and your company will get paid faster.

Photo Measures

Tracking and gathering measurements can be a nuisance while onsite and a lot of times measurements can get lost or misplaced on a busy jobsite. The Photo Measures app helps you alleviate some of these headaches.

With this app, contractors can snap photos of whatever they’re measuring, annotate the measurements on the photos, and then save them and share them if needed. You can also customize images and formats to give detailed measurements and add comments to give additional explanations.

Exploring the benefits of these technologies for your general contracting business will help you increase your business’ efficiency allow you to avoid stresSFul situations and may make the difference in winning that next job. For more information on ways to increase the efficiency of your contractor business or if you’re looking for contractor services, please contact Focus’ professional general contracting team today.

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