Careers in Construction Month 2023

02 October 2023

October is Careers in Construction Month.

According to Build Your Future, "Careers in Construction Month (CICM) is a nationwide campaign held every October to increase public awareness of construction careers, inspire the next generation of craft professionals and share with students the many opportunities a career in construction can provide."

To support that goal, we sat down with a few of the talented team members across our construction division to learn more about their unique roles and the opportunities they've found in the construction industry.

What do you love most about working in the construction industry? What do you find most rewarding?

Kyle Hisaw (Superintendent): The people you encounter come from many walks of life and have diverse skill sets, but they are all working toward the same goal of completing the task at hand. Learning from experts of the trades has enhanced not only my building knowledge, but also my interpersonal skills and capacity to achieve the common aim of project completion.

Yolie Miarmontes (Project Coordinator): I love that each project brings on new experiences, challenges, and a new project team to work and grow with. Enjoying Chicago’s skyline knowing that I contributed to so many buildings.

Brittany Taylor (Field Engineer): I love being able to learn new things on the everyday basis. There're always some interesting stories, new tools, or a different way of completing a task on site. I love meeting new people. I have met some admirable men & women throughout my career. I also love getting the job done. I like seeing the buildings transform and take shape right before my eyes.

Ryan McCaleb (Project Manager): My favorite part about working in construction is just how varied the day-to-day operations are. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true that no two days are the same in this industry, and there are always unique challenges & learning opportunities.

What was your biggest learning experience?

Kyle Hisaw (Superintendent): Every project will encounter speed bumps and challenges that must be resolved. My most significant learning experience has been learning how to leverage the many skills of those on our team in the proper manner. The ability to connect the appropriate people at the right time has been critical to my development and understanding as a leader in the construction industry.

Yolie Miarmontes (Project Coordinator): In this business you must learn to how to deal with constant changes and be ready to pivot as challenges arise.

Brittany Taylor (Field Engineer): There isn't anything in life perfect. Mistakes will happen. Everything won't go as planned. That's ok. We regroup, strategize & plan accordingly.

Ryan McCaleb (Project Manager): I spent my first year in the industry 100% in the field, supporting a team of superintendents on a high-rise job. I would say that whole year in general was my biggest learning experience; getting to see everything first-hand really helped my understanding of different construction activities over the course of my career.

What was your favorite project and why?

Yolie Miarmontes (Project Coordinator): 167 Green Street. Out of all the projects I have worked on over the years 167 Green Street not only continues to take my breath away, but my basketball loving son enjoys bragging to his friends that his mom had a part in creating the coolest basketball court in the city. I am finally the “cool” mom.

Brittany Taylor (Field Engineer): The Domaine at Hawthorn Row, Located in Vernon Hills was my favorite project. During the project I was able to see various aspects within the project. Being on the project it taught me to withhold a positive attitude as its contagious to many others that are on site. Having that attitude, the contractors on site was a lot more pleasant to work with and enjoyable for the duration of the project.

Ryan McCaleb (Project Manager): My favorite project that I’ve worked on is probably The Domaine at Hawthorn Row, just because of how diverse and complex the buildings are. They combined elements of almost all the past projects I’d worked on into one challenging yet rewarding job.

What advice would you give someone interested in a career in construction?

Kyle Hisaw (Superintendent): The benefits of this profession are immeasurable; the opportunity to transform a plot of land or structure into a home is the most fulfilling aspect of this career. Obstacles and challenges are no match for a highly motivated individual determined to go to any length to complete the task.

Yolie Miarmontes (Project Coordinator): I highly encourage anyone to enjoy an exciting career in creating beautiful places where people get to work, live, shop and eat.

Brittany Taylor (Field Engineer): The construction industry is full of opportunities. You can learn valuable skills that will be of use throughout your career. If you decide on joining any parts of the industry, let it be something you want to do and have fun. If you have any thoughts or questions reach out to your resources within your community and see what they can offer you.

Ryan McCaleb (Project Manager): My advice would be to work on your people skills just as much as your technical knowledge. Being able to talk to people and effectively communicate through a variety of mediums is a huge part of working in construction.

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