Construction continues and pre-leasing begins at the Domaine at Hawthorn Row

23 March 2023

Construction continues on the Domaine at Hawthorn Row as teams begin pre-leasing with expected move-ins to start this summer.

In this most recent construction update the progress onsite is clear. The building on the north side of the development is nearly complete as teams finalize canopies, balconies, and exterior detailing. Drywall is complete in the common and amenity areas and the installation of final fixtures, furniture and equipment has begun.

On the south side of the project, a total of 83 units have completed rough framing. Additionally, the retail exteriors have been framed and teams have started to install the final facade materials along the south and east sides of the building.

Domaine's onsite property management team also launched pre-leasing this month. The temporary leasing office opened its door and began accepting applications with first move-ins expected to begin in June.

To learn more about rental options at the Domaine, please visit their website today.

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