Excellence in Craftsmanship at Kelmscott Park

18 December 2019

Here at Focus, commitment to quality runs deep and we are thrilled that this commitment to superior craftsmanship has earned recognition by The Masonry Advisory Council (MAC) at their annual Excellence in Masonry awards for one of our most architecturally rich projects, Kelmscott Park.

For over 40 years, the Masonry Advisory Council has proudly hosted the Excellence in Masonry award program which recognizes architectural design excellence and the people whose talent and time make those design concepts a reality.

We are ecstatic that Kelmscott Park recently won the Excellence in Craftsmanship award for the detailed and elegant brick façade that sets the apartments and condominiumminiums at Kelmscott apart from other similar projects.

Kelmscott Park is an elegant assortment of new luxury residences in Lake Forest’s historic downtown. Interestingly, the beautiful brick detailing of Kelmscott Park was made a reality due to a unique city regulation in Lake Forest which requires any structure higher than two stories to be non-combustible. All foundation walls are precast rather than poured-in-place concrete, an alternate which reduced costs and sped construction. Pre-fabricated, light-gauge steel framing was built offsite and then installed, another means by which we could reduce costs and speed completion while meeting the city’s regulation. Together, these unique approaches freed time and resources for higher-quality design and construction recognized by MAC.

A big thank you to the Masonry Advisory Council for this fantastic honor. To learn more about the Excellence in Masonry Awards, click here. And to partner with Focus, reach out to us today!

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