Focus breaks another record with sale of Courthouse Square

08 February 2018

The January sale of Courthouse Square in Wheaton, IL set the record for highest per unit sale price in DuPage county. Represented by Marty O’Connell, Sean Fogarty, Wickliffe Kirby, Kevin Girard and Amanda Friant of HFF, Courthouse Square was on the market for 3 short months and closed in January 2018.

Courthouse Square is an example of Focus’ perseverance and commitment to the job. Beginning in 2004 work on Courthouse Square included the renovation and restoration of the historic DuPage County Courthouse and State’s Attorney building and the addition of new luxury condominiumminiums and townhomes throughout the property. Soon after completing the historic renovations and the first phase of condominiums in 2008, the recession hit and like many active projects at that time, plans had to change. Focus ushered the site through two re-zoning processes before coming to an agreement with the community to bring luxury apartments to the site. Breaking ground in early summer 2015 the Focus team completed construction on The Courthouse Square Apartments in 14 short months, delivery the final product in the fall of 2016.

Courthouse Square was not the only luxury product option in DuPage but it consistently outpaced the competition during lease up. Clients attested that the quality of the product, the ideal location and the luxury amenities the community offered gave the Focus product a competitive edge. When it came time to sell Courthouse Square, it was these things along with the superior construction and DuPage County’s strong job market and demographic trends that helped to make the case for buyers and catapulted the sale price to the top of the record books.

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