Focus quantifies 30 years of impact in the real estate development and construction industry

18 December 2023

In the final month of the firm's 30th year, Focus looks back on what has been accomplished.

Since 1993 Focus has built great projects across the state of Illinois. In total, the firm has delivered over $4.2 billion in real estate value. This includes over 5 million square feet of real estate. While the company has delivered all types of assets including office, retail, historic renovations, and various commercial uses, Focus specializes in multifamily and mixed-uses including multifamily. As a result, the company has delivered over 4,000 multifamily units.

Beyond the real estate impacts, Focus has a proven dedication to enhance the communities where it works. Two measures of that impact can be quantified through job creation and community giving. In the last 30 years, Focus has created over 29,000 jobs on it's construction sites in addition to the staff it employs on the corporate side of the business. The firm, its leaders, and its team members have also donated over $400,000 in the last 9 years, since it began tracking the figure in 2014. These two figures give a glimpse of what is central to the culture at Focus.

The theme of the firms 30th anniversary was 30 years onward, encapsulating the company's forward looking perspective. This year we have doubled down on our commitments to our Chicagoland community while also expanding our efforts regionally with an expansion into Florida. Additionally, we've recommitted to enhance communities with a particular focus on sustainable development and construction, equitable impact in our industry and affordability of housing.

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