The Benefits of Using Innovative Methodologies in Construction

16 November 2018

The construction industry never stops evolving. New technologies are implemented daily. From hybrid building technologies to 3D printing in the construction industry, the advancements are endless.

Taking advantage of these innovative methodologies is a must for any development or construction firm. Utilizing these methodologies will tranSForm the efficiency and flexibility of your projects and projects that may have been impossible due to budget or schedule are suddenly possible.

Here are the basics of innovative methodologies in construction and the benefits they offer:

What are Innovative Construction Methodologies?

Before we dive into the benefits of using innovative methodologies in construction, let’s first address what innovative construction methodologies are. Innovative construction methodologies are products or techniques that stray away from the traditional means of construction. These methodologies further advance the sustainability and efficiency of a firm’s construction process.

In recent years, a few popular innovative construction methodologies have been increasingly implemented such as the use of VR in development and 3D printing. Throughout the years, Focus has used countless innovative construction methodologies. The most common methodologies we use in our projects are:

Hybrid Building Technologies

Hybrid building technologies are truly the future of construction. Hybrid building technologies use multiple building materials throughout the structure to create a more sustainable and/or fiscally responsible project. They usually use a combination of structural steel, precast concrete, and cast-in-place concrete.

Modular Construction

Although modular construction has been around for years, recent technological advancements have made this a leading innovative construction methodology. Modular construction is the practice of constructing aspects of a building off-site and then transporting these features to the site and installing them.

Innovative methodologies like these have countless benefits. Utilizing these technologies can increase the efficiency of your construction operations immensely. Here are the various benefits of utilizing innovative methodologies in construction:

Greener Construction Process

Innovative construction methodologies are THE solution to make your construction process greener. By utilizing modular construction, you can decrease your air pollution, decrease waste, and increase opportunities for reuse. Methodologies like this immensely decrease the need for raw materials within the construction process.

When using hybrid building technologies, you are also utilizing the most efficient means of creating a building and are therefore reducing waste. Hybrid buildings are extremely sustainable and hence better for the environment.

Increase in Performance

When utilizing any innovative construction methodology, you’ll see an increase in performance and efficiency. Since you’re implementing the latest technologies into your building process, you’ll be speeding up your project time, saving money, and overall creating a better-performing structure.

More Competitive

Ask anyone in the industry and they’ll tell you the best way to stay relevant and competitive is by being innovative. If your construction company doesn’t keep up with technological advancements, you’ll fall behind. The best way to stay competitive is by utilizing innovative construction methodologies for your clients. Provide your clients with the absolute best technology on the market and their projects will benefit.

By implementing innovative construction methodologies within your business model, you’re sure to take your project to the next level. For more information on innovative construction methodologies and the methodologies Focus uses daily, contact us today!

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