Construction focuses on the structure and facade at 808 Cleveland.

31 July 2022

In this construction update from the 808 Cleveland project, the variability of activity on a construction site is clear. At the top of the structure teams pour concrete floors while several levels beneath, another team installs a window wall system.

The 23-story building consists of a 770 ton, steel structure and poured in place concrete floors. It takes about 4 hours for teams to pour a new level of concrete and during that time, they will have simultaneously framed the level above. It takes about 261 yards of concrete to complete a typical floor, which totals over 11,500 yards or 46 million pounds of concrete for the entire building.

While teams are pouring and setting concrete on the top most floors, there are several other teams busy on the floors beneath. As shown above, the façade is installed at the same time that the structure is being completed. The process of installing the façade moves a bit slower and as shown, takes place window by window. The 2,000 windows which make up the exterior window wall system will take another few months to complete.

Focus acts as the general contractor on this project for clients, DAC Developments and Bayview. The Focus construction team is led by Senior Project Manager, Joe Vartanian.

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