Hawthorn Row Construction Update, November 2022

30 November 2022

Construction continues on the redevelopment of Hawthorn Mall in Vernon Hill.

In the last month teams have been busy across the site and at all stages of construction. As you can see in this video update, the project is in various stages of completion, with each building focused on different work. On Building 1, the most complete of the two, the majority of the facade has been installed and the retail finishes along the South side of the project have begun. Additionally, the first group of units will be complete with finishes in the next month.

Building 2 isn't far behind the first, the majority of the first floor has been framed, with 21 units completed and window installation underway. The concrete slab topping was poured on top of the first level, making way for the remaining residential construction to continue.

Focus, and it's partners have also recently received approval on the second phase of redevelopment of Hawthorn Mall. The additional phase of construction would bring additional mixed-use development to the mall, including 249 new luxury apartments.

For more information on the progress at Hawthorn Row, check back here. To learn more or to discuss a project of your own, please reach out today.

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