Teams tour local high school civil engineering students through Hawthorn Mall redevelopment project

29 November 2022

Teams from the Domaine at Hawthorn Row project recently spent a morning with a group of local high school civil engineering students.

The group from Stevenson High School took a field trip to the Hawthorn Mall redevelopment project where they had the opportunity to tour an active construction site. The tour group was led by the Focus project team, a vertically integrated team of CRE professionals representing the development, construction and field teams leading the project.

Before entering the job site, the class was given an overview of the project, including the entitlement and zoning process and completed the requisite safety orientation. During their time on site, students explored the 596,000 SF site and were given the opportunity to ask questions directly of the project's development manager, construction managers and superintendents. Students learned about the complicated project phasing required for the massive project as well as the coordination necessary to ensure the continued operation of the mall through construction.

To learn more about the Hawthorn Row project, or to discuss other community partnerships please reach out today.

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