What Is Interior Construction?

18 November 2019

In order to have a fully functioning building, interior construction is necessary. Interior construction tranSForms newly developed buildings into inhabitable and occupiable places for offices, retail spaces, and more.

Otherwise known as build-out construction, this process involves extensive design work to make sure the building’s design is tailored to the client’s needs. Focus specializes in interior build-out construction as well as ground-up construction, and here we’ll discuss everything about this crucial process and introduce you to a few projects of our own.

Interior Build-Out Construction Definition

Interior build-out construction is the process of preparing the interior of a newly constructed building or renovating an existing space to create a functional office, store, restaurant or home for existing or future tenants. This process is generally, a collaboration between the architect, interior designer, and General Contractor.

Overall, interior construction is the tranSFormation of the internal shell of a commercial building to make it useful to a specific business. For example, a build-out project could be the renovation of an office space into a functional restaurant storefront. Oftentimes, this is also referred to as a tenant improvement.

Case Studies: Interior Construction

As a well-versed interior construction contractor, Focus has completed several build-out construction projects. Here are two projects that will provide you with a rounded idea of what a build-out project consists of:

Away Travel

Focus took on this Away Travel project as the General Contractor. The project was an interior, retail build-out for Away Travel’s Chicago flagship retail location. The build-out incorporated several areas to display products, including granite and marble tables, custom woven metal shelving, and concrete covered stands.

One unique feature was the glass curtain wall that wraps the exterior forming a unique space. The space was complete with several large black-lit LED signage panels resembling Away Travel luggage products.

71 S. Wacker – Irvine Company Regional Office

Acting also as the GC on this project, Focus completed the office build-out for the Irvine Company’s regional Chicago office in 2019. The build-out was complete with a large social space, multiple conference rooms, several collaborative spaces, a wellness room, a wide view of the Loop, and more.

This build-out also incorporated a Muraflex glass wall system to control noise levels between offices, which was a priority for the Irvine Company.

Leading Interior Construction Contractor

Focus provides clients in the Chicagoland area with high-quality custom interior build-out services. Our team of licensed architects, contractors, and more tranSForm building shells into useable and functional spaces for people to experience a better life. For more information on how Focus can help you, reach out to us today!

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